Perfect Time to Visit Dubai

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One of the best cities to visit at least once in your life is definitely Dubai. The best word for describing this place is opulence. Everything looks like it’s from another world. The buildings and their architecture, the beaches, and the shopping centers full of extremely expensive items show the opulence of this city. However, you need to know exactly when is the perfect time to visit Dubai, because the temperatures tend to go extremely high in the summer, and this can have a negative impact on your holiday.

Best Time for Sightseeing

The weather is absolutely pleasant between mid-November and early December, and during the first half of March, and it is perfect for sightseeing. Furthermore, it is not as crowded as it is on the rest of the year. The worst time is actually in July and August when it is really hot. The heat in these two months is unbearable.

Best Time for Shopping and Nightlife Lovers

If you like shopping and you want to go to Dubai for that, then, we recommend you to go during the month of January, when the Shopping Festival is held. There will be lots of significant discounts on all sort of items, including electronics, jewelry, and more. On the other hand if you are a nightlife lover, then this vibrant city will certainly offer you exactly what you need from clubs with famous DJ’s, restaurants with delicious foods, to a variety of Dubai escorts who can’t wait to please all new visitors. An escort can definitely keep you company if you are on holiday in Dubai by your own.

Best Time for Cheap Accommodation

A holiday destination like this tends to be quite expensive, and many people can’t afford it. However, if you plan your vacation with a few months earlier, then you will have time to look for offers in terms of accommodation. During the summer, you have lots of chances to find very cheap hotels that also come with other facilities as well, such as free meals at their onsite restaurants. The most expensive time to visit Dubai is without a doubt from December to the end of January. If you still want to go on these months, then you must make sure you book well in advance in order to get a good rate.

Best Time for Burj Khalifa

As you certainly know, this is the most important attraction of Dubai. It is essential to know exactly when to visit it, as it is not something you can do all year round. Therefore, you have two options. If you want the place to be quite free, then you should not visit it between November and March because it is really crowded. During summer is absolutely great but the disadvantage is that it is very hot outdoors. However, if you still want to visit Burj Khalifa during the high season, then make sure you purchase online your tickets with at least one month in advance. By doing so, you will have priority and you will not need to wait in line at the entrance. All in all, by taking into account this advice, you will know exactly what to do in order to have a fantastic holiday.