The Opulence of the City

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Dubai is without a doubt not only an opulent city but a very beautiful and expensive place to go as well. Even if it’s hard to say, not all people can afford to visit Dubai. The building’s architecture is an impressive one, not to talk about the shopping centers that are full of extremely expensive items, from jewelry with diamonds and rare precious stones to watches that cost even 1-million dollars.

Not only shopping is at a very high level, but the accommodation as well. Tourists usually book their holiday in advance with at least four months in order to get a good rate otherwise they would probably not afford it. Most hotels in this city are 5 stars, extremely luxurious, with high-class restaurants, and therefore, expensive.

Everything here looks like it came from somewhere else. However, in terms of opulent buildings, the most impressive one in Dubai is without a doubt Burj Khalifa. This skyscraper has a total height of 829.8m and it has been designed by Adrian Smith, who also designed the One World Trade Center from New York. The Burj Khalifa has 57 elevators and 8 escalators.

Another detail that perfectly describes this city as an opulent one is the fact that Dubai’s police drive $1.70 million cars, such as Aston Martin One-7 which costs not more and not less than the price mentioned earlier, and Lamborghini Aventador which costs around $397,000. There is no other city in the world that has police cars that expensive, and this is without a doubt a detail that makes this city an opulent one.

Dubai will have the biggest airport in the world, in 2035, with a capacity of 250 million passengers. This is a $35.7 billion investment and it will be in Dubai World Central. How many countries can afford a massive project like this?! Furthermore, this is not the only construction project that Dubai is working on. It is also planning to build, in the future, a lot more interesting and innovative developments underwater. It already has some underwater hotel rooms, but it actually plans to build an entire hotel below the sea. Just imagine how much the accommodation will cost.

Another opulent aspect of Dubai is the SPA treatments that involve 24-carat gold and many other precious metals. A treatment like this costs nearly $1000,00, which is lots of money for many of us. Some people actually work an entire month for this amount of money. Furthermore, believe it or not, there are cocktails that are made with diamonds that costs thousands of dollars. The ‘’Diamonds are Forever’’ cocktail contains Vintage Grand Champagne 1906, and it actually comes in a Swarovski cocktail glass. A cocktail like this costs $4,083, a price that not too many people can afford.

The city’s horse races that take place every year feature prizes worth million dollars. The Dubai World Cup which is the world’s richest horse race is an event where racers all over the world participate and the total prize money is $30-million dollars.