What are the Advantages of Starting a Business in Dubai

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If you are an investor and you want to invest your money in a city that is constantly developing, then we strongly recommend you to start your business in Dubai. There are many people all over the world who come to this place as entrepreneurs, and most of them have been and still are successful. Therefore, if you find this idea interesting, then you should take a look at the following advantages of starting a business in Dubai.

Dubai is Constantly Developing

This is the most important aspect you must take into consideration as an investor. If you want to start a business on a large scale, then you must choose a city where you can reach your goal. Therefore, Dubai is not only full of reach investors from all corners of the world, but it is also a place where locals have lots of money as well. This means that you have lots of chances to sell your services or products, even if they have high prices. In less than 40 years, this city became one of the most inspirational and successful cities in the world, and today is one of the most visited places as well. Dubai has also a very strategic location that gives very easy access to 2-billion consumers.

Fantastic Economy

Another benefit of starting a business here is the diverse economy. This city actually has at the moment the best economy within the GCC region. A massive growth has been noticed especially during the last two years. Thanks to this wonderful economy, entrepreneurs came and still come here to do business.

Physical infrastructure

This city dominates the re-export and cargo markets because it owns massive and sophisticated two ports, Jebel Ali port and Port Rashid. The Jebel Ali facility is not only a busy port but a very modern one as well, and it has an economic free zone which is a very important part when it comes to the Economic Zones World. There are also two major airline carriers with more than 100 destinations, and the best thing is that the plan is to increase the fleet to up to 280 by the end of 2020, which is absolutely spectacular.

Free Zones

Dubai has more than 20 Free Zones catering to several business and industrial clusters where entrepreneurs all over the world can enjoy 100% foreign ownership of their business. Due to the fact that there is no income tax required, not even for those companies which are registered in the free zones, increasingly more investors choose Dubai for doing business.

Open Trading Hub

This amazing city also has not only a free but an open trade of goods as well, entering the emirate duty- free. The average tariff rate is 4%, which is quite low, and free trade zones provide added incentives. The open-border foreign labour policy also plays a very important role when it comes to the liberal trade regime, which means that you, as an investor are allowed to recruit expatriate workers, and you can do that at competitive wages.