Work and live in Dubai

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There is no doubt that Dubai is a city of extreme from many points of view. Dubai continues to embrace all the technological advancements of the modern world of these days, and increasinlgy more people choose to live and work here. Working and living here is without a doubt an exhilarating experience in case expats arrive here with an open mind and if they also are sensitive to the cultural norms of this place. Due to its strategic location as well as its vibrant lifestyle, foreigners who choose to make this place their home will surely be impressed by what they are going to fiind here, not to mention the fact that they will have plenty of wonderful benefits. Here is what is like to work and live in Dubai.
Amazing work opportunities
Dubai definitely offers plenty of work opportunities, and you certainly have lots of chances to fiind the job of your dreams here. Furthermore, there are also excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to set up ther businesses in this city. There are plenty of goods, services, as well as expertise needed, and professionals with wonderful skill sets, especially at management level. The government also wants to attract foreign investors from all over the world by establishing various free zones for different industrial segments. One of the best paid jobs here is the maintenance manager role. As a maintenance manager you will have a wonderful salary as well as plenty of other benefits.
You will get tax-free income
This is an amazing benefit that you will enjoy if you decide to work and live in this city. The government doesn’t actually impose any tax on personal salaries when it comes to foreigners who want to live and work in Dubai. This means that the salary you earn is 100% yours and you owe nothing to the government. Moreover, this also means a higher disposable income per capita, which basically makes this city an extremely attractive place for work. Many of the expats who work here are able to live at a higher level of confort and in plus, they are also able to afford luxury goods that they most probably can’t afford in their own countries. Another great advantage ist hat if you have lived and worked here for more than two years, a lump sum 15% of your yearly salary is actually payable to you if you decide to leave.
Multi-cultural workforce
The tourism in Dubai is absolutely great. It has grown a lot in the past few years, and with this growth as well as the deliberate economy, the city has established itself as a perfect place for foreigners to come to visit and even work and live here. Today, around 80% of the city’s population is expats from every corner of the world, and this results in an internationally diverse work force. Therefore, people all over the world have the opportunity to enjoy a valuable international experience and completely change their lives. Due to the fact that lots of international companies are present here, there are also many job opportunities, in various domains.